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Painted Whelk Shell - "Nature in Spiral"

£65.00 £75.00

This 3D painting is in Acrylic with a gloss varnish on a Whelk Shell I collected here on Filey Beach.  The image spirals around the entire shell using the lumps and bumps of the natural shell to emphasise the flora and fauna depicted on the shell. These include a Humpback Whale, Sea Horse, Jellyfish, Clown Fish, Turtle, Star Fish, Tree Frog, Butterfly, and a Humming Bird in environments from the Deep Ocean to the Sky.

The Shell is mounted on an Oak plinth with a natural waxed finish.

The total piece, with plinth stands 17cm high by 10cm wide.

A truly unique piece of Art. 

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Jane Took

Filey Artist